We’ve just wrapped up our Nigeria studies.  Some pics I got…Skeeterbug’s favourite animal…the chimpanzee.


We made West African Benne Cakes.  My helpers (one is hiding in the first picture).


  Emptying the bowl.  I couldn’t find toasted sesame seeds.  Just used the regular ones.


These things really spread out in the oven!


Yum!  These were good, not overly sweet.


We did the quicksand activity.  Mix cornflour and water to make a solid, yet liquid quicksand.  (Or you could call it oobleck!)

 nigeria nigeria nigeria

Place your whole hand in it.  Is it hard to pull out?

nigeria nigeria

When you slap it, does it feel like a solid or a liquid?


Do the army men sink or float?

nigeria nigeria

The inevitable…must drive some cars in the quicksand and role play various adventures.

nigeria nigeria

Ladybug disappeared into the house to choose her own cars.


She kept running over to the hose every time she noticed her hands were dirty.


Much cleaning up required.  That white chunk that Jitterbug is holding is actually a car!


Definitely an outdoor activity.  We’ve made oobleck in the past but it was more fun to do this outside and role play with the army men.  We did learn that when you pull your finger through it slowly it feels like liquid, but pull it through quickly and it meets resistance.  Better to move slowly in quicksand, I guess?

Some books we enjoyed…

Gezani80 TalesOne Big Family

We did the various notebooking pages as well.  This year my goal with these studies is to make a memory for each country we learn about.   I love to read Delightful Learning, and she has posted many times about making a memory for each row she does.  I’m hoping that by doing some of these projects we will make a memory and imprint it in their minds. I’m also printing out some of the pictures to go in Skeeterbug’s notebook so he’ll remember what we’ve done.

One more country to go in Africa…Egypt.  I’ve been saving this to coincide with our SOTW activities.  Over the next few weeks we will be all Egypt’d out!


  1. Looks like a lot fun! My kids would love the quicksand activity... Are you enjoying 'Around the World in 80 Tales'? I've seen it on a few blogs and have been tempted to buy it :)

    1. Hi April, I first heard about this book here:

      I agree with her review, love this book. Great short stories that we love. I ordered mine from CBD, they had the best price at the time. The only bad part was that the dustjacket was torn when it arrived, and the beautiful illustrations on the dustjacket are not on the cover of the book itself. I didn't bother trying to send it back or getting a replacement. :) (Unfortunately not the first time I've had issues with CBD's packaging!)

    2. Thanks Sheryll, I'll look into it :)


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