The Gruffalo’s Child

We recently saw the theatre performance of The Gruffalo’s Child.  Last year we enjoyed seeing The Gruffalo, so I was excited when Tracey over at Little Men in My Library posted that they’d just been to The Gruffalo’s Child.  I quickly checked and found out it was headed our way!  Without that post I wouldn’t have known it was coming.

 Gruffalo's ChildGruffalo's Child

We spent the week leading up to the performance enjoying some Gruffalo activities.  We read through each book and acted out the stories using dioramas.  The backdrop for The Gruffalo diorama came from here.

Gruffalo Diorama

Come, have tea in my treetop house.

Gruffalo Diorama

Where are you meeting him?  Here, by this lake.  And his favourite food is…Scrambled Snake!

Gruffalo Diorama

I also made one for the Gruffalo’s Child.  I realised afterward that the background image I used was copyrighted and I should not have printed it.  So I’ll only give you a small peek.  That’s a Gruffalo cave to the right that Jitterbug insisted we add.

Gruffalo's Child Diorama 

We also did various printables.  Some from the Gruffalo website, some from here using original images.  The Gruffalo site has great printables- masks, finger puppets, maze, etc.

Gruffalo Activities

I found some pics from last year…

Gruffalo Activities Gruffalo Activities Gruffalo Activities Gruffalo Activities

Back to this year…we did story sequencing for each book.

Gruffalo ActivitiesGruffalo ActivitiesGruffalo ActivitiesGruffalo Activities

Ordinal number practice.  Who did the Gruffalo see first?  Who did the Gruffalo’s child see first?

Gruffalo Activities

Matching words.  Good practice for Jitterbug, he can’t read yet but is learning to match up the letters in the words.  (I just noticed he’s got owl upside down here!)

Gruffalo Activities

We played pin the poisonous wart on the Gruffalo’s nose.  Found this idea here and made my own.  Someone couldn’t keep her blindfold on.

 Gruffalo Activities Gruffalo Activities Gruffalo Activities Gruffalo Activities

We made Gruffalo crumble, from the recipe here on the Gruffalo website.  We also had Poisonous Warts, Mouse Poo, Scrambled Snake, and Roasted Fox.  I found the ideas for these foods here.  When I saw her Scrambled Snake I realised she must be in Australia also.  She has some great Gruffalo party ideas.

Gruffalo ActivitiesGruffalo Activities 

Look, that’s me!

Gruffalo Activities

Can’t forget the Owl Ice Cream!

Gruffalo Activities

I purchased this activity book but forgot to use it.  I remember flipping through it and finding activities that both my 4yo and 7yo would enjoy, so we will have to take a look at it one of these days.  Maybe a wintry, rainy day.  I’m sure we’ve got a few of those to come.

The Gruffalo's Child Activity Book

I just found this book at the library.  One of our other favourite books by Julia Donaldson is A Squash and a Squeeze, there is a song for it in here that tells the whole story.  Looking forward to listening to it.

The Gruffalo Song and Other SongsThis has become a rather long post…The Gruffalo is definitely a favourite around here!

The Gruffalo

The Gruffalo's Child

We love the movies also by the way, very true to the book.  They actually enhance the book rather than being distractingly different.  These stories are fun to act out as well.  Fly like an owl, slither like a snake, walk through the deep, dark wood as the mouse.  Very fun!


  1. Looks like you all had heaps of fun! We haven't seen the Gruffalo shows, but we are going to see 'James & the Giant Peach' next week. By the way, lovely pic of you with the kids :)

  2. Thanks, April, I'm usually the one behind the camera! Enjoy James & the Giant Peach, it's on our list to do as a read-aloud soon.


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