Peter Rabbit

It seems like ages ago we saw Peter Rabbit in the theatre.

Peter Rabbit

This was Ladybug’s first trip to the theatre.  I promise she was more excited than it seems in this picture.

Peter Rabbit

Outside-the-theatre shot.

Peter Rabbit

Gratuitous how-cute-is-that-smile shot.

Peter Rabbit

During the week leading up to the show we did some Peter Rabbit activities.   We used the Garden Preschool Pack from Homeschool Creations.  Ladybug loved matching up the cards.

Garden Preschool Pack

Jitterbug loved the game included in the pack.  He had to flip through the cards and if it was a picture of something a plant needs to grow then he would colour in a square until he reached the top.  He played this several times.

Garden Preschool Pack

Ladybug had a go at it too.

Garden Preschool Pack

We glued some vegetable pictures into a basket. 

Garden Preschool Pack

Sorted some seed packets.

Garden Preschool Pack 

Coloured some Peter Rabbit colouring pages.

Peter Rabbit

This free download from Simple Schooling had a couple of worksheets at the end of it that Skeeterbug completed.

Peter Rabbit

We played Pin the Tail on Peter Rabbit!  Hats are much easier than blindfolds around here.

Pin the Tail on Peter RabbitPin the Tail on Peter RabbitPin the Tail on Peter RabbitPin the Tail on Peter Rabbit Pin the Tail on Peter Rabbit

Someone added a tail in just the right place after we were done. :)

Pin the Tail on Peter Rabbit

I would have liked to have started some seeds to go along with this but it’s just the wrong time of year here.  We made sure to read our Peter Rabbit stories before we went to the show and I am so glad we did, the performance was very true to the books.

The Complete Adventures of Peter Rabbit

After the show we watched some great youtube videos of the books.


There are more videos for the other stories too.

And now for a free download!  A copy of the Pin the Tail on Peter Rabbit page, and some cutting strips that I made but forgot to use.  :)

peter rabbit 

Download available here.  Links to my other printables are here.

Other links:

Delightful Learning rowed The Tale of Peter Rabbit here.   Her blog is always the first place I go for inspiration, she is very thorough with her links and pictures of their activities.  There are many free goodies on Homeschool Share.  The Peter Rabbit website also has many great teaching resources.  And don’t forget the Simple Schooling unit study and the Garden Preschool Pack from Homeschool Creations!

Pocket Chart Calendar Printables

I realised I have some calendar printables to share.  (See the end of the post for the download link.)  I created these last year to go in the pocket chart I have.  I printed these on cardstock and laminated them for use in the pocket chart.  I never got around to making a complete set of calendar numbers for the whole year.  There are numbers for ten months and one of those is the states of Australia which not many of you are likely to use!  I re-use a couple of sets to get through the year.

Our Aussie Homeschool: Pocket Chart Calendar Printables

These are small calendar cards.  They fit my pocket chart which I got in the Target (USA) dollar bins about 3-4 years ago.  They may or may not fit yours, I’d recommend printing a draft black and white copy to see if they would fit.  Other uses: glue to a poster or A3 size paper to create a calendar.  Use the print multiple pages per sheet option to print smaller and they would fit on an A4 or letter size paper to fit in a notebook.  Use for little ones to practice counting- lay them out and count each number.  Bind some into a little book for your toddler or preschooler (Ladybug loves the little books I make her!).  Colours/pictures alternate in different patterns so you could use these to talk about patterning too.

Right now our calendar is clipped to our easel.  The season cards at the top come from 1plus1plus1equals1.

Our Aussie Homeschool: Pocket Chart Calendar Printables

For the month headings, each season is a different colour.  Hmmm, I used blue for June because it is cold here in June!  And green for spring which for us starts in September.  (It’s almost spring here!  Hallelujah!)

Our Aussie Homeschool: Pocket Chart Calendar Printables

There are ten sets of number cards.  All of them go through number 31 so that you can use them for any month.  If you want to use the Christmas trees in July or the hearts in August you’re all set.

Our Aussie Homeschool: Pocket Chart Calendar Printables

The holiday cards (see pictures later in this post) are a little taller and can go behind or in front of the number.

Our Aussie Homeschool: Pocket Chart Calendar Printables 

There are two sets of yesterday, today, and tomorrow cards.  One set is extra tall to allow for the holiday cards.  You’ll find them on a separate page in the download.

Our Aussie Homeschool: Pocket Chart Calendar PrintablesOur Aussie Homeschool: Pocket Chart Calendar PrintablesOur Aussie Homeschool: Pocket Chart Calendar Printables

Here are the holiday cards.   I tried to include all the main holidays and some fun ones too.  There are season cards to place on the calendar for the first day of each season.  (This a sampling, not all are pictured.)

Our Aussie Homeschool: Pocket Chart Calendar PrintablesOur Aussie Homeschool: Pocket Chart Calendar Printables

Some specifically for Australia…

Our Aussie Homeschool: Pocket Chart Calendar Printables

And some specifically for the US.  (I know, Cinco de Mayo is not technically a US holiday!)

Our Aussie Homeschool: Pocket Chart Calendar Printables

I store all of these in this klipo box.  Everything but the names of the months fit in here.

Our Aussie Homeschool: Pocket Chart Calendar Printables

Also included in this download are a list of days and months, a What’s the season? chart, and a What is today? chart (for practicing yesterday, today, tomorrow.)  These items would all be for display on a calendar board and aren’t designed to go in a pocket chart.  I created this files last year when I was still using Excel to create my printables.  I’ve since switched to Publisher which is a whole lot easier to use for creating printables.  When I converted these files to pdf I discovered some odd lines here and there which would be too time-consuming to try to do away with so I left them in.  Also there are some pages which are not full, I normally would try to be conscious of this so as not to waste paper or laminating sheets.  It’s just hard to get it all in the right place in Excel which is one of the reasons I switched to Publisher.

The pocket chart calendar printables can be downloaded here.  Links to my other printables are here

Hope someone can use these!

Olympic Lapbook & Activities

Skeeterbug’s Olympic Lapbook.  We have not done much lapbooking, and he loved this.  I followed these instructions to make this into a book style rather than the traditional lapbook style.  (Because I’ve just never liked the traditional lapbook style with the cover split down the middle and folders glued together.  Many examples here.)  Folders here are very tall so we chopped off the top to make it a more reasonable size.

Olympic Lapbook

Favourite sport?  BMX.  Favourite athlete?  Sally Pearson.

Olympic Lapbook Olympic Lapbook Olympic Lapbook Olympic Lapbook Olympic Lapbook Olympic Lapbook

We started out doing an Olympics unit study from Amanda Bennett.  (I can’t locate the study on her site now, they must have taken it down.)  I know people love her studies but we realised it wasn’t for us after about the second day.  It was the exact same format every day for four weeks.  It covered a lot of interesting information but it was too much for us.  We were using a notebook and gluing some of the lapbook pieces into it.  I’m so glad we switched, this was way more fun for him.  I’ll probably revisit her studies in the future and maybe try out a shorter one.  We did use some of the lapbooking elements from the study.  Other lapbooking pieces came from here and here and here.

We used these Olympic calendar cards at 1plus1plus1equals1 for our calendar in July.  We put up a new card each day and then we looked up the sport on the Olympics website to learn more about it.  Each sport had a short video to watch and some days we watched more on youtube.  This really worked well to get the kids excited about the Olympics.  Carisa has a whole series of these Calendar Connection cards in different themes (bugs, weather, botany, and more!).

Calendar Connections Olympics 2012

When we watched the opening ceremony we marked off flags we saw during the parade of athletes.  We were fast forwarding through it, so I am sure we missed some.

Flags of the World

We also did the opening ceremony bingo, here’s Ladybug’s (she coloured as she pleased):

Opening Ceremony Bingo

Various other paper activities.  Jitterbug’s rings:

Olympic Printables

Skeeterbug’s collage:

Olympic Printables

Some printables from here.  I put several of the pre-writing sheets and What’s Different? sheets into sheet protectors that the kids used with dry erase markers.  They loved these stamping sheets…one of these is Jitterbug’s and one is Ladybug’s:

Olympic Printables

Ladybug loves to glue!

Olympic PrintablesOlympic Printables

The flag and bookmark come from here.  Good place for all sorts of themed printables.

Olympic Printables

And that wraps up our Olympics studies!

Olympic Games

Ring Toss.  Idea from here.

Olympic Ring TossOlympic Ring TossOlympic Ring TossOlympic Ring Toss

There may have been some rule-breaking going on.

Olympic Ring Toss Olympic Ring Toss

Balance Beam, with our eyes closed.

Balance BeamBalance Beam  

Ladybug did Photography.  That’s an Olympic sport, right?


Hockey. (With the little orange ball, not the soccer ball.)


Javelin.  (We threw straws.)Javelin

Basketball.  Most baskets in 60 seconds.


Sprint.  Wish I had a picture of them all lined up in their “starting blocks”.  Sprint was their favourite, they raced over and over again.  Jitterbug’s favourite athlete was definitely “The Bolt” as he called him.


We also did trampoline (one minute to do their best routine) and football/soccer (most goals in 60 seconds).  We made medals out of the printable from here but instead of making it part of our afternoon of games we did them as a craft on a different day.  Less competition, less bickering, less headache for me!  The kids keep asking if we can do more Olympic games, they had fun.

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