BFIAR: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!

We’re going to catch a big one.  What a beautiful day!  We’re not scared.

Bear Hunt Pop-Up Book

Oh-oh! Grass!  Long, wavy grass.

Bear Hunt Pop-Up Book

A deep, cold river.  (My kids love seeing how the dog crosses the river.)

Bear Hunt Pop-Up Book

What’s that?  It’s a bear!

Bear Hunt Pop-Up Book

Quick!  Back through the cave!

Bear Hunt Pop-Up Book

We’re not going on a bear hunt again.

Bear Hunt Pop-Up Book

Hmm, the bed rail in that last picture is a little smooshed.  We love our pop-up edition of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.  It has somehow survived all the little hands in our house.

Here are some activities we did to go with the book.  We did story sequencing using these printables.  We matched the illustrations up to the photos found in the resources here at Homeschool Share.

Bear Hunt PrintablesBear Hunt Printables

We used the Bear Hunt preschool pack from Homeschool Creations.  Ladybug matched up the pictures.

Bear Hunt Preschool Pack

Then Jitterbug matched up the words.

Bear Hunt Preschool Pack

Apparently he enjoyed it.

Bear Hunt Preschool PackBear Hunt Preschool Pack

I hid the bear behind the cave and the kids had to guess where it was.

Bear Hunt Preschool Pack

Even Skeeterbug wanted a go at this.

Bear Hunt Preschool Pack

Ladybug loved this and wanted to do it over and over again. Then she would hide it for me so I could have a turn.

Bear Hunt Preschool Pack

Found the bear!

Bear Hunt Preschool Pack

Love the bear!  (Um, yes those pyjamas do say Handsome just like Daddy.  She does have two older brothers.  I promise she has some pink pj’s too!)

Bear Hunt Preschool Pack

We talked about over/under/through.  And acted it out many times.

Bear Hunt Preschool Pack

We loved the game and played several times.  (Everyone had to win at least once!)

Bear Hunt Preschool Pack

Ladybug and Jitterbug worked on some of the other printables too.  We also coloured the colouring pages found here.

Bear Hunt Preschool PackBear Hunt Colouring Pages

I loved this jigsaw but I’ve discovered they are hard to cut out without the paper curling up which makes it hard to then put together.  I had another copy that I glued to the inside of a cereal box but it didn’t work out either, it was too hard to cut the rounded ends of the puzzle pieces.  Maybe there is some magic trick to this that I haven’t discovered yet?

Bear Hunt Jigsaw

We had a bear hunt using bear paw prints.  They hid in their room while I hid the bear paw prints around the house.  The paw prints pointed in the direction of these lovely bear biscuits.

Bear Hunt!Bear Hunt!Bear Hunt!

We watched these Bear Hunt youtube videos, the second one is the author acting out the story.


Here’s some (blurry) shots of Ladybug watching these.  She loves them, they really are good!

Bear Hunt! Bear Hunt!

Ladybug especially loved this story and weeks later is still asking to watch the videos and still quoting the book when she plays. 

A couple of other ideas that would have been fun but we didn’t get to…I loved the artwork from The Adventures of Bear.  And the fun snow streamers at Our Cultivated Life.


Stay tuned for another Bear Hunt post about our sensory activities!


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