Project Passport: Our Lapbooks

Before we left for America the end of last year we didn’t quite finish our lapbooks for Project Passport: The Middle Ages.  After we returned we put them together.  I fully intended to print out cute letters to glue to the front of these (like here – how cute is that?) but had printer issues so never got it done.  We didn’t use the lapbook covers that came with the study.  Instead we drew rows of bricks and cut the tops to look castle-like.  The knights came from our Knights & Armour Colouring Book.

Our Aussie Homeschool ~ Project Passport: Our Lapbooks

LadyBug was happy to show her lapbook that day.  I did a lot of the cutting out for her, otherwise hers never would have gotten done!

Our Aussie Homeschool ~ Project Passport: Our LapbooksOur Aussie Homeschool ~ Project Passport: Our Lapbooks Our Aussie Homeschool ~ Project Passport: Our Lapbooks

JitterBug wasn’t thrilled about being photographed that day, but consented anyway.

Our Aussie Homeschool ~ Project Passport: Our Lapbooks

But no smile.  Absolutely not.  No way.

Our Aussie Homeschool ~ Project Passport: Our Lapbooks

Well, not a real smile anyway.  :)

Our Aussie Homeschool ~ Project Passport: Our Lapbooks 

This kid didn’t want to be photographed at all, but I managed to get his entire lapbook.  Can you tell I colour-code my kids?  They each have their favourite colours and it’s easier to keep track of what belongs to whom this way.  Except when they like to mess with me by using the opposite for some things- like water bottles.  I can never remember whose is whose now.

Our Aussie Homeschool ~ Project Passport: Our LapbooksOur Aussie Homeschool ~ Project Passport: Our LapbooksOur Aussie Homeschool ~ Project Passport: Our Lapbooks

The various lapbook pieces are created as you go along.  It’s just a matter of assembling the lapbook at the end of the study.  You do need a good place to store them until then, we opted for a plastic pocket with a velcro closure that could go in our notebooks.

Our Aussie Homeschool ~ Project Passport: Our Lapbooks

Sadly, we had to leave our lapbooks and notebooks behind while we are travelling.  We just don’t have the room to store them in the caravan.  The kids love looking through their old schoolwork and I know they’ll love seeing these again in the future.  :)

Our Roadschool Learning Spaces: Sneak Peek

Next week for the Aussie Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop we’ll be sharing pictures of our learning spaces.  This is a sneak peek.  Because I’m always fascinated at seeing how other people live.  :)

This is the dinette area in our caravan.  A small table and a couple of seats.  The four kids can all fit here together and sometimes do for breakfast or to play a game.  Behind the seat is the door to the van, open in the picture.  When you come in the van the ensuite is on the right, you can just see the door handle in the picture.  There’s a mirror (in need of cleaning) just to the right of the door.  Below it is a couple of picture frames, the top one that can be seen in the picture contains a map of Tasmania at the moment, since that’s where we are.

Our Aussie Homeschool ~ Our Roadschool Learning Spaces

Above the dinette table is a nice big window and a little bulletin board/whiteboard.  The dinette can be converted into an extra bed, but we aren’t using it as a bed right now.  When one of the kids is sick they like to sleep there, it’s easier for us to take care of them and they get to feel a bit pampered. Underneath those seats is storage. That’s where I keep math manipulatives, books, and other supplies. The first cupboard above, closest to the door, holds stationery supplies.  The next cupboard is our pantry.  See that paper sticking up behind the cushion?  That’s a poster of a map of Australia.  We’ve had it put away in a cupboard but it’s a bit hard to get to.  We’re trying this spot out to see if it will work any better.

It’s a struggle to keep this area clean.  Because it’s so close to the door it can easily become a dumping ground.  But when it’s clean, it’s a perfect place to do a little work!

A more complete tour of our learning spaces coming next week!

Australian History Resource

Since we’ll be studying Australian history this year, I was happy to find this book at Woolie’s recently. Australia, The Story of Us, Issue 1 is the first volume of four and is based on the tv series that is currently airing.  We aren’t watching the series as it airs though I imagine it will be available on DVD later.  The book will give us another resource for our studies.  Just in glancing through it I’m not sure how thorough it is, especially the less than beautiful aspects of Australia’s history.  But it does cover specific events and gives biographical information on famous individuals.

Our Aussie Homeschool ~ Australian History Resource 

At $7.99 I thought it was a good deal. The other issues will be released fortnightly through the end of March.  I believe it’s also available at Coles and news agencies.  I’m adding it to our pile of Australian history resources to look at this year.  :)

Not-Back-to-School: A Day in Our Life

It’s week three of the Aussie Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop.  The week we share what a day in our homeschool looks like.

Our Aussie Homeschool ~ Not-Back-to-School: A Day in Our Life

But I can’t show you a school day.  Because we haven’t started school.  I know it’s February.  I know we haven’t done formal schoolwork for months.  I know the public school year has started.  We’re starting soon.  Next week, in fact. 

Our Aussie Homeschool ~ Not-Back-to-School: A Day in Our Life 

My husband is going to be studying this year while we are on the road.  He’s doing an online course which will require about five hours of study a day, five days a week.  He starts next week.  So we’ll start too. 

We’re not sure exactly how this is all going to work.  There will be days that it will be hard for him to fit his five hours in.  Like when we are sight-seeing all day or travelling to our next spot.  But we think most days he should be able to fit in some studying in the morning.  So the kids will do their schooling then too.

Our Aussie Homeschool ~ Not-Back-to-School: A Day in Our Life

We feel like we’ve mostly settled into this lifestyle.  Now we just need to add in the school aspect, for both my husband and the kids.  And we will strive for a good balance between formal learning and the natural learning that happens as part of our travels.

I hope to post a peek into our days soon.  In the meantime, make sure to hop over to Our Worldwide Classroom to have a look at a homeschool day in the life of other Aussie bloggers.

Our Worldwide Classroom

PS- Did I mention we’re in Tasmania?  We’re in Tasmania!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Aussie Homeschool ~ Not-Back-to-School: A Day in Our Life

Free Printable for Valentine’s Day!

We’ve hung some picture frames in our caravan to make it seem more homey and I’ve got one I plan to use for holidays.  I’ll switch it out for each holiday, and share it with you! It’s a bit late to post the one I made for New Year’s, so we’ll start with Valentine’s Day.  Which is, um, tomorrow.  So maybe a bit late again.  But here it is anyhow.  Click the image below or here to download!

Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Not-Back-to-School: Our Roadschool Curriculum

This year we are on the road full-time, travelling around Australia.  I definitely don’t want the kids stuck in the caravan all day doing schoolwork when there is so much to explore.  We’re going to have to find the right balance for our family and I’m sure things will change as we go along.

Our Aussie Homeschool ~ Our Roadschool Curriculum 2015

Reading: I’ve got two in the process of learning to read this year.  We’ll be using The Ordinary Parents’ Guide to Teaching Reading.  I have the I See Sam readers app, plus some of the Bob Books for Kindle. 

Writing: For JitterBug and LadyBug: They’ll continue with Handwriting Without Tears and do simple copywork and narration as suits their level. SkeeterBug will continue with Writing & Rhetoric.  They’ll all do journaling about our travels.  (I’m really inspired by this post on journaling over at Picklebums.) SkeeterBug has his own private blog where he’ll do some writing as well.

Grammar: I’m planning to go through The Sentence Family with all the kids this year.  It’s a simple, lovely book that goes through the parts of speech and sentence types, presenting them as members of a family.  Nothing further for grammar, this is a subject that it won’t hurt to drop for a year while we travel.

Spelling:  We love All About Spelling [affiliate link].  SkeeterBug will start Level 5 and JitterBug will start the series with Level 1.  SkeeterBug has had a lengthy break since finishing Level 4 so we’ll do plenty of review first.  We don’t have room for the whiteboard and tiles so we’ll use the Sound Literacy app on our iPad.  This is a subject we’ll drop if needed.

Maths: SkeeterBug and JitterBug will continue with RightStart.  LadyBug may start this year, or she may not.  I managed to find room in the van for all the RightStart manipulatives.  I like it that much.  They’ll also use various math apps and do some real-life math through various aspects of our trip (budgeting, mileage, etc).

Australian History & Geography: How could we not spend this year studying Australian history and geography?  I’ve created a notebook for the kids using the dividers from Our Worldwide Classroom and added sections for history.  We’ll create a timeline of Australia’s history. We’ll do notebooking pages for each state and also for some of the historical events and people that we learn about.  I’ve got a couple of books to give us an overview of Aussie history, and I also purchased the ebook versions of Australian History in Pictures and Stories.  Our notebooks should be a fabulous keepsake at the end of our trip. 

For geography we’ll focus on labelling maps of Australia, first the country and then whatever state we are in at the time.  The kids will keep track of where we’ve been on a poster of Australia. I also brought along our copy of Geography From A to Z and I’m hoping we’ll learn some of these terms as we see the various landforms with our own eyes.

World History: For world history I have A Child’s History of the World for Kindle to do as a read-aloud.  We also have the Story of the World series on audio to listen to.  I’m not planning on anything further for world history this year.

Science: The obvious choice for science this year is nature study since we will be outdoors so much.  We’ll use The Wonderland of Nature to help guide us a bit.  It’s a wonderful living book about Australian nature and I’m excited to use it.  We recently purchased the Popular Mechanics for Kids DVDs, perfect for rainy days!

Bible: We’ve enjoyed Grapevine [affiliate link] so we’ll start with their New Testament overview this year.

Art: I have a limited amount of art supplies in the caravan.  A box of craft supplies, chalk pastels, some paints.  We also have markers, coloured pencils, crayons, etc.  We’ll do some random art projects during the year, no formal curriculum.  We do have a couple of how-to-draw type books that we brought along.

LOTE: Skeeterbug will continue with Getting Started With Latin which is available for Kindle.  All of us will listen to the Song School Latin CDs.  We’ve also got Rosetta Stone French that we’ll start at some point this year.  This is another subject we can drop if it doesn’t suit us while travelling.

Fine Arts: I’m looking at Charlotte Mason-type studies for composers, artists, and poetry.  I’ve also got one of the SQUILT volumes to use if we wish.  Or we may not do any of this and just take in some art museums here and there.

Read-Alouds: The worst part of this lifestyle is not having our shelves of books.  Ack!  A homeschooler’s nightmare!  Thank goodness for ebooks and audiobooks.  And for those library systems who will allow us to check out a few books even though we are only temporary residents of their city. 


We won’t do all of these subjects everyday.  We will limit the time we spend doing school so that we can be outside, enjoying this.

Our Aussie Homeschool ~ Our Roadschool Curriculum 2015Our Aussie Homeschool ~ Our Roadschool Curriculum 2015Our Aussie Homeschool ~ Our Roadschool Curriculum 2015 Our Aussie Homeschool ~ Our Roadschool Curriculum 2015 Our Aussie Homeschool ~ Our Roadschool Curriculum 2015 Our Aussie Homeschool ~ Our Roadschool Curriculum 2015

{The above pictures are from our recent visit to Point Lonsdale, Victoria.}

Linking up!  Don’t forget to visit the Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop to see what other Aussie homeschoolers are using this year!

Our Worldwide Classroom

Project Passport: Make Your Own Viking Ships

The end of last year we were using Project Passport: The Middle Ages by Homeschool in the Woods.  We did a quick trip through the study but didn’t quite finish it all before we left for America.  (We did have a house to pack up before we left!)  We finished our lapbooks and completed one more project after we returned from overseas, and we’ve also been catching up on some extra reading.

The kids had been looking forward to this project.  They had completed the colouring before we left, we only had to cut out the pieces and assemble the ship.  By this time we were in our caravan full-time so we had to make do with what we had. 

Make Your Own Viking Ships: Project Passport ~ Our Aussie Homeschool

We didn’t have any fabric sitting around, so we used a paper towel for the sail.  It worked well enough.  We coloured them with markers.  I think I actually used two paper towels, folded and taped together at the bottom.

Make Your Own Viking Ships: Project Passport ~ Our Aussie Homeschool

We didn’t have any bamboo skewers so the kids trolled the area for just the right twigs to use for the mast and oars.

Make Your Own Viking Ships: Project Passport ~ Our Aussie Homeschool

We only used one milk carton per boat, so we only had the nice pointy part at one end.  Shhhh!  I don’t think the kids minded.

Make Your Own Viking Ships: Project Passport ~ Our Aussie Homeschool

LadyBug was happy to decorate her sail with butterflies and flowers in bright colours.

Make Your Own Viking Ships: Project Passport ~ Our Aussie Homeschool

As soon as the boats were finished, much pretend play commenced.

Make Your Own Viking Ships: Project Passport ~ Our Aussie Homeschool

And then they went outside to this.  One of my favourite pictures.

Make Your Own Viking Ships: Project Passport ~ Our Aussie Homeschool

This camping spot we stayed at had a tyre swing and an old-fashioned tall metal slide.  So fun.

And to keep it real…you’ll notice one of my kids is absent from these pictures.  (Well, two, but one of them is too young to make a Viking ship!) Homeschooling is not always like the pictures in the catalogues!  Sometimes your kid won’t want to do a project.  Or want to cooperate at all.  And that’s okay.  Homeschooling is a journey that takes more than one day.

Note: I was not given this product in exchange for review.  Just really enjoyed it!

Not-Back-to-School: Meet the Students!

Kylie over at Our Worldwide Classroom is again hosting an Aussie Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop.  This year she is co-hosting it with Chareen at Every Bed of Roses.  I think she skipped it last year, so I’m glad to see it’s up for 2015!

Our Worldwide Classroom

Here are our students at Our Aussie Homeschool…from youngest to oldest (because we always seem to do it the other way, don’t we?)

First up, my favourite toddler, TurboBug. (Um, no, that’s not his real name!)

Aussie Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop ~ Our Aussie HomeschoolTurboBug, 18 months

Seriously, does it get any cuter than this?  He’s eighteen months old and adorable.  And into everything.  He’s recently figured out the wonderfulness of books.  That adorable toddler stage where he brings you book after book after book but won’t quite sit through any of them.  And the ones he will sit through you get to read it to him ten times in a row.  Or more.  Until you get sick of it and suggest he take the book to Dada. (Other mums do that, right?)

Next is my favourite five-year-old, LadyBug. 

Aussie Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop ~ Our Aussie HomeschoolLadyBug, 5

She’s our only girl and can keep up with her brothers very well.  She officially starts Prep this year (the Aussie name for Kindergarten).  She’s loud, passionate, and asking questions about everything.

Next is JitterBug.  He’s seven.  And a half, because that counts when you’re seven.

Aussie Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop ~ Our Aussie HomeschoolJitterBug, 7 1/2

He’s Grade Two this year.  Yes, those are snails. I think there were more in the bucket.  He wanted so desperately to keep them but we just don’t have space for pets at the moment. He is our energetic, competitive boy.

Finally, my favourite ten-year-old, SkeeterBug.  He’s Grade Five this year.

Aussie Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop ~ Our Aussie HomeschoolSkeeterBug, 10

Did I really just write that?  Grade five?  Crazy.  SkeeterBug is our oldest.  He’s our dependable and thoughtful kid.

That’s our crazy students at Our Aussie Homeschool!

Aussie Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop ~ Our Aussie Homeschool

Be sure to visit Our Worldwide Classroom to see other Aussie homeschoolers participating in the blog hop!

Free homeschool planner!

Hello everyone!  I’ve been busy settling into our new lifestyle, but I want to quickly check in and share some free homeschool planner pages!

Free Homeschool Planner! ~ from Our Aussie Homeschool 

What’s our new lifestyle?  Why, thanks for asking! The end of September last year we moved out of our house and into our caravan (‘travel trailer’ for my American readers!).  We put all our furniture and other belongings in storage.  Then we headed off to America for about five weeks.  (Side note: We’ve been in Australia for five years and this was our first trip back to America.  It was a huge deal for us!)

Free Homeschool Planner! ~ from Our Aussie HomeschoolAt the airport: The flights to Australia leave really late at night!

When we returned we took off in our caravan and started travelling!  We did a big loop through western Victoria, made it over the border into South Australia, and then back to our hometown for the holidays.  We stayed about three weeks and now we are off again, exploring Australia.

Free Homeschool Planner! ~ from Our Aussie HomeschoolThis is our setup! Our caravan sleeps six and we also have an annex for some extra room.

Wait.  What?

Yep, we’re a family of six living in our caravan full-time, travelling around Australia.  How cool is that?  We are loving this lifestyle and having heaps of fun.

A new calendar year means a new homeschool year, so I’ve been planning just how we are going to ‘roadschool’.  I’ve created some new planner pages for 2015 and thought I’d share.  (The pages aren’t specific to roadschooling, so hopefully someone will be able to use them.)

There are two downloads.  One contains the planner pages, the other has the calendar pages.  With Dr. Seuss quotes.  Because I like Dr. Seuss quotes.  :)  The planner download doesn’t have dates so it can be used year after year.  It includes all these fabulous things:

  • two simple covers to choose from
  • weekly plans (fill in each subject down the side)
  • weekly student checklist
  • terms overview (to record your focus or ideas for each term)
  • each student’s curriculum
  • student goals
  • read-alouds
  • a list of subjects for each student (with room for notes about curriculum or books)
  • morning time list (with room for notes so you don’t forget something!) 
  • a grid to organise your ideas for field trips, books, etc.
  • a page to list all your brilliant homeschooling ideas!

quoteFree Homeschool Planner! ~ from Our Aussie Homeschool

See what I mean about Dr. Seuss quotes?  Click here to download. (You’ll be directed to

Happy Not-Back-to-School!

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