This year we are using Exploring Creation with Astronomy for science.  So much fun!  This is the first Apologia book we have done in the Young Explorer Series. We are also using the Jr. Notebooking Journal, which is perfect for Skeeterbug (age 7).  Below is a list of blog posts related to our studies.

Lesson 1:  Intro
Solar System Model

Lesson 2:  The Sun
Notebooking Pages from Lesson 2
How We See Colour
Pinhole Viewing Box
Melting Chocolate
Solar Eclipse

Lesson 3:  Mercury
Making Craters

Lesson 4:  Venus
Making Lava
Radar Project
Transit of Venus

Lesson 5:  Earth
Making a Compass
Layers of the Earth (playdough)

Lesson 6: The Moon
Moon Phases
Oreo Moon Phases
Solar Eclipse

Lesson 7: Mars
Edible Mars Rover 
Homemade Volcano
Why is Mars red?

Lesson 8: Space Rocks
Making a Comet
Model Solar System

Lesson 9: Jupiter
How big is Jupiter?  (Salt dough solar system)

Lesson 10: Saturn
Film Canister Rockets

Lesson 11: Uranus and Neptune
Clouds in a Jar

Lesson 12: Pluto and the Kuiper Belt
Making Ice Cream

Lesson 13: Stars and Galaxies
Expansion of the Universe
Constellation Box

Lesson 14: Space Travel
Our Space Shuttle

Astronomy Wrap-up
Rock Candy Constellations 
Solar System Art


  1. Hi Sheryl, Since your son is just one grade older than mine, I am keenly interested in why you chose Apologia for your Astronomy curriculum? I have been following The Well Trained Mind recommendations for the most part but am considering straying from it due to the hands-on nature of Earth Science. I've been really enjoying your blog! May the Lord bless your efforts in teaching your children!

  2. Thanks, Allison. I narrowed down my choices to Apologia and Christian Kids Explore: Earth & Space. I purchased both, and once I had them both in front of me I decided to use Apologia. CKE follows the WTM rotation and focuses more on earth science. I knew we'd be more interested in astronomy, and Apologia will be releasing a Geology/Earth Science book in the future we will cover those topics if we stick with Apologia. Other popular (secular) programs that follow WTM rotation are Real Science Odyssey and Elemental Science. Good luck choosing!

  3. Yes this is a wonderful book. We have enjoyed it too :)


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